Biographical Sketches

Box 1

1. Curriculum Vitae – various people

2. Curiel, Henry – obituary

i. RNCA appeal for demonstration in Paris against apartheid.

ii. RNCA petition for sanctions against the apartheid regime and liberation of political prisoners.

3. Ibrahim, Ishmael – Prisoners condamnes amort

i. Activities to save the life of Ishmael Ibrahim, on death row after he was abducted from Swaziland

4. Mandela, Nelson – a biography

i. NM biography from the London office

5. “Mangoyi”, Lilian – a biography (French language)

i. 9 August 1980, Ma Shope the then head of the ANC Women’s Section, salutes Ma Ngoyi who has just been awarded Isithwalandwe

ii. Women of SWAPO, the PLO and Namibia,

6. September, Dulcie – a biography (French Language)

7. Sisulu, Walter – a Biography (French Language)

i. Interview of Walter Sisulu by JP Franey, published in Revolution,

ii.1990 January, biography in English, circa 1980,

iii. Telex asking for birthday greetings to be sent to W. Sisulu at Pollsmoor prison, 1987 March.

8. Sisulu, Walter Ulyate – a biography


Box 2

1.Alliance Francaise – Association Reconnve d’ultilite Publique

i. Letters exchanged between the French Anti Apartheid Movement’s and The Alliance Francaise,

ii. TG MAA protesting against the opening of school by Alliance Francaise in Mitchell’s Plein (Cape Town and Soweto)