Italian Translation


Box 1

Item 1 Press release of the SA embassy in Italy, 1993 December 03

Item 2 Referring to the private residence of the ANC Representative, 1993 December 21

Item 3 Campaign in support of Nicaragua, 1989 August 03

Item 4 Anti apartheid and solidarity initiatives rallies, etc, 1986-1994

Item 5 International seminars on where is SA going organized in Rome 1990 by the association of western European parliamentarians against apartheid AWEEPA and the Italian anti apartheid committee, 1990 February 20

Item 6 UN conferences in Geneva 1992, What NGO and AAM role in the EC/EV

Item 7 Correspondence to and from the ANC Rep in Rome 1988-1994

Item 8 Hopes for SA, documentation of the Vatican after a visit by De-Klerk to the Pope, 1993 December 13

Item 9 Letter of the SA Consulate General in Milan to the Italian Trade Union to deny existence of apartheid, nd

Item 10 List of local groups, communities, associations, parties active in supporting the anti apartheid movement in Italy, nd

Item 11Visit to Italy by comrade Patrick Lekota accompanied by ANC representative Steven Gawe, 2003 October

Item 12 Short presentation of the ANC with no date prepared and distributed in Italy while the ANC rep was Benny, nd


Little interest/no interest


Item 13 Books and documents on SA

Item 14 Seminars on Economic Relations with SA organized by the local Chamber of Commerce Northern Italy, 1994 February

Item 15 Solidarity initiatives with the ANC Technical arrangements,

Item 16 Political elections, 1994

Item 17 References to the ANC in Rome

Item 18 List of attorneys and members of the Rome Tribunal prepared in 1990 for the foreign section of the communist party


Items in folders

Item 19 Correspondence in the Italian language (i)

Item 20 Correspondence in the Italian language (ii)

Item 21 Correspondence in the Italian language (iii)

Item 22 Correspondence in the Italian language (iv)

Item 23 Italian correspondence re: Anti Apartheid Committee

Item 24 Discussion Documents in Italian language

Item 25 TGO, 1988,1989 including weekly economic reports

Item 26 Anti Apartheid movements