ANC Archive Finding Aids


Below are links to the finding aids that are held by the National Heritage and Cultural Studies Centre (NAHECS) at the University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape, South Africa. NAHECS are the custodians of the ANC Archive. The finding aids are lists of what is available in the ANC Archive. In time, links will be made from material listed in the Finding Aids to the digitised material held in the MEMAT archival digital repository system. Until such time as those hyperlinks are in place, a search for particular items identified in a finding aid is likely to return the correct result based on the OCR’ed text of the actual manuscript.


ANC Archive Finding Aids


Mission Offices 

Australasian and Pacific Mission


Batlagae Trust Records


Belgian Mission


Botswana Mission


Canada Mission


Cuba Mission


French Mission

French Mission Office, French-English Translation


German Mission; Bonn & Austria


India Mission 


Italian Mission

Italy Mission, Italian-English Translation


Japan Mission, Tokyo


London Mission

London Mission 1956,1965-1993

London Photographs


Lusaka Mission


Mozambique Mission

Mozambique Mission, Portuguese-English Translation


Namibia Mission


Netherlands Mission

Netherlands Mission, Dutch-English Translation


New York Mission


Norway Mission, Oslo Office


Senegal Mission


Swedish Mission Office, Swedish-English Translation


Uganda Mission


US Repatriation


Washington Mission


Zambia Mission


Zimbabwe Mission



Offices of ANC Members

Office of Former President Nelson Mandela


Office of Walter Sisulu

Walter Sisulu Prison Letters



CDC Images