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(bulk dates, 1989-1992)

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History of the Ugandan Mission.

The Ugandan Mission opened in Kampala in August 1989 with three South African staff members. By April 1990, the number had grown to 60 active cadres, and the office was struggling to find accommodation for all. Only two years later, after the breakup of the Apartheid regime, the Uganda mission began to pack to return to South Africa.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Uganda Mission are comprised of three series: Subject FilesCorrespondence, and Photographs


The Subject Files series spans the years 1989-1994, with the exception of a photocopy of a 1957 publication regarding the 1956 Treason Trial and a few documents from the 1980s. The series consists primarily of topical files regarding South Africa and the ANC in general, and some on the Uganda Mission in particular. The majority of the materials consist of minutes, papers, speeches and statements, with proceedings and reports from numerous conferences also represented


The Correspondence series spans the years 1989-1994 and consists of both incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Uganda Mission with other departments of the ANC, as well as other organisations, embassies and foreign ministries. These correspondences relate to a variety of topics, including requests for aid, diplomacy, arrangements for visits to and from Uganda, education and training of cadres in Uganda, and the representation of women in the Umkhonto we Sizwe and decision-making bodies of the ANC.

The Photographs series are contained in box 9 and have been arranged in 9 folders. The series reflects activities of the ANC members and those of the locals in solidarity with the struggling people of South Africa.




These additional boxes are from the Uganda collection that was discovered later. These boxes are comprised of 4 series namely: i) Correspondence, box 1-3; ii) Financial Documents, boxes 4-6; iii) Reports, boxes 7-9; iv) Statements/minutes, box 10. Folders are arranged alphabetically according to title







Box 1

 Series I – Subject Files

1. Abuja Declaration on South Africa, n.d.

2. ACP-European Economic Council (ECC) Joint Assembly, 1991

3. Amnesty International, 1991, 1993

4. ANC and Council for National Unity (CNU) & Venda Govt., 1990

5. ANC Department of Economic Policy, 1990-1991

6. ANC Department of Education, 1986-1994 (3 folders) (see also additions box 1 folder 1&2)



Box 2

7.ANC Department of Education – Paper Presented at the National Conference, 1986

8. ANC Department of Information and Publicity, 1992

9. ANC Eightieth Anniversary Invitation, 1992

10. ANC Interim Constitutional framework

11. ANC Land Commission Workshop, 1990

12. ANC National Conference – Durban, 1991

3. ANC Open Letter to De Klerk,

14. ANC Policy Documents, 1990-1992


ANC: National Liberation or Political Party

ANC Political Education

ANC Regional policy

ANC Relations to Civics

Agreement between the ANC and the government

Appeal from Pretoria Death Cell

Bisho Massacre: Background information

Boipatong Massacre

Broadcasting in transition

Building ANC legally

Constitutional guidelines

Emancipation of Women

Guidelines on ANC strategy and tactics

Negotiation politics

One Year of Unbanned ANC: The Road Ahead

Rebel Cricket Tour




Box 3

15. ANC speeches, 1993

ANC Representative, Andile Andzanga on the Death of Chris Hani

ANC Representative, Abe Sishuba on “Passing on the Torch”, Makerere University

A Personal Appeal by Nelson Mandela

IFOR/Serpaj Joint Seminar& IFOR International Council

Russian Diplomatic Mission in Uganda

Twelfth Summit of the Preferential Trade Area (PTA)

Thirtieth Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe (see also additions box 9 folder 30)

Uganda-Cuban friendship Society

16. ANC Press Statements, 1989-1993 (2 folders)

ANC as the Vanguard of the People

ANC Negotiations: A Strategic perspective

ANC Anniversaries: 78th, 80th, and 81st

Emancipation of Women

Death of O.R. Tambo

Death on Andries Treurnicht

De Klerk Announcements

National Party Five-Year Plan

Path to A Free South Africa…ANC perspective

People’s Defence Units

Political situation in the country

Press Conference on Negotiations: ANC Representative, Andrew Masondo

“Record of Understanding”

Relations between ANC & IFP

Release of Political Prisoners

17. ANC talking to the government, 1991

18. ANC Women’s Section, 1990

19. Conference on the Future of Military and Defence in South Africa, 1989-1990

20. Conference on negotiations, n.d

21. Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) Women’s Conference, 1988

22. Constitution of the “bert Luthuli Society” n.d.

23. Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA)



Box 4

24. Draft Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989

25. “(An) Economic Strategy for the Second Liberation of Africa” – Paper, n.d.

26. Education, 1986-1987 (see also additions box 1 folder 1&2)

27. Greeting Cards, n.d.

28. International Solidarity Conference, JHB, 1993

29. Joint Communiqué: ANC & PAC; Harare, 1991

30. Land Reform, n.d.

31. Local government

32. Makeba, Miriam – Biography, c.1994

33. Mandela, Nelson: statements

34. Masondo, Andrew – Address to the Press Conference, 1991

35. Minutes of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Team with SOMAFCO (Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College) Staff, 1986

36. National Anthem

37. National Reception Committee (Verster Prison Event), 1990



Box 5

38. Negotiations, 1990-1992 (2 folders)

39. Newsclippings, 1991, 1993 (2 folders)

40. Ngoyi, Lilian – Obituary, 1980

41. Notes, 1991-1993

42. Organisation for African Unity (OAU), 1990

43. Poetry, 1985

44. Political Situation in Southern Africa, 1991

45. Sisulu, Walter: Address at Welcome Rally

46. Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO) Primary School – Pioneers



Box 6

47. South African Communist Party (SACP), 1989-1993

48. South Africa in the North: Algerie Actualite, 1990

49. Statement of other parties in South Africa, 1990-1992

50. Suttner, Raymond – Interview Notes, 1990

51. Tambo, O.R: Statements, 1989-1993

52. Treason Trial, 1957. Photocopy of booklet

53. Western Cape Human Rights Commission – “The Week That Was: Update of Repression in the Western Cape”, n.d.

54. “Women in the ANC: A Critical Overview and Perspective”, Seminar on Women and Children in a Future Constitutional Order: Lusaka 1989

55. World University Service (WUS) Executive Committee Minutes, 1990 (see also additions box 10 folder 15)

 Series II – Correspondence



Box 7

1.ANC Correspondence, 1990-1994

2. ANC Correspondence with Headquarters, 1992-1993

3. ANC Education Department Outgoing Correspondence, 1991-1992 (see also additions box 1 folder 1 & 2)

4. Albert Luthuli Society Correspondence, 1994

5. ANC Missions, 1991-1993

6. Corresp. Publications, 1989-1992

7. Embassies, 1990-1994

8. Faxes Dispatched, 1990-1994

9. Foreign Ministries, 1988-1992 (see also additions box 2 folder 25)

10. Hani, Chris (Condolences), 1993 (see also additions, box 8 folder 15)



Box 8

11. Ministries, 1989-1991

12. Invitations, 1989-1993

13. Journalist Correspondence, 1990-1992

14. Uganda Journalist Association, 1990



Box 9

Series III Photographs

1. ANC Soldiers

2. Cultural activities

3. Funerals

4. Individual ANC members

5. Political occasions

6. President Musuveni

7. Solidarity activities


9.Vilakazi, Themba-ANC Representative 1986





Series I – Correspondence

Box 1

1. ANC Education department, n.d., 1990-1994

2. ANC Education department (Uganda) and world University Service (WUS), n.d., 1990- 1991, 1993

3. ANC and Nyando Clinic, re: ANC medical account, n.d. 1990-1991, 1993-1994. Includes credit facilities, outstanding medical bills, medical services to ANC members

4. ANC and Nyando Clinic, re: medical assistance for ANC patients, 1991

5. Application for admission at Makerere University, n.d.

6. Chief Representative’s Office, n.d., 1989-1994

7. Chief Representative’s office and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (Kampala), re: repairs to residential house at Bunga, 1993

8. Chief Representative’s Office and Uganda Posts and Telecommunications, n.d., 1993

9. Chief Representative’s Office, re: house on Plot No. 3330 block No. 244, Muyenga

10. re: claims and complaints, 1992,1994

11. Commissioner for Education (Kampala) and St. Joseph Technical Institute, re: admission of students sponsored by World University Service in collaboration with Uganda government, 1991

12. re: complaints, n.d., 1990-1992

13. re: consignments, 1990, 1992-1993

14. Dillo Lehlokoe (Programme Officer, ANC Finance Department) and Christer Johansson (Praktisk Solidariteit), re: Christer’s visit to ANC offices, 1991 August 22

15. Entry forms, general certificate of education examination, University of London, 1992



Box 2

16. Internal application forms for scholarship, 1990-1991

17. Jerry Ngwenya (Regional Treasurer) and Toine Eggenhuizen (Office of Treasure-General), 1994. Includes monthly budget for November 1993. Monthly budget for April/May 1994

18. Jerry Ngwenya/Seena Machaba (Regional Treasures – Uganda) and Toine Eggenhuizen/Siza (ANC London office), 1991-1994. Includes monthly budget, October/November 1993

19. Dr. E.A. Kajumba Muganga and ANC, re: medical bills for ANC students owed at St. Catherine’s Clinic, 1991 Sept-Dec

20. Kayondo and Company Advocates and ANC, re: reminder no. 6 to residential house at Bunga, 1991

21. Letters from the principal (Iganga Technical Institute to applicants informing them about their admission to the campus, 1991. Includes a letter to the parents about a special assistance.

22. Letters from the principal (Y.B. Semujju) to applicants, re: admission to Masaka Institute, 1991 August 20

23. Makerere University, 1990-1993

24. Memorandum on the registration of medical practitioners and dentists from Manto Tshabalala (ANC Department of Health) to all ANC Chief Representatives, 1991 May 30

25. Ministry of Foreign and Regional Affairs and ANC (Uganda), n,d. 1989-1993

26. Ministry of Health (Uganda), 1992

27. National Water and Sewerage Corporation and ANC, re: water charges and disconnection and reconnection of water supply, 1991,1993

28. Nganwa High School and Kingston Mbule (ANC Education Department – head), re: request for reinstatement of Enock Nong, 1993

29. Nyamitanga Secretarial College, re: admission forms, 1991 August 7. Includes letter from the principal regarding guidelines concerning entry into the college

30. re: office partitions, 1991

31. Radia, N.K Advocate and ANC, re: tussle over the property located at Plot no. 39 Nakasero Road, 1994



Box 3

32. The Regional Treasurer, 1990-1993

33. Regional Treasurer and Agip Filling Station, re: purchase of diesel and petrol, n.d., 1993

34. re: rentals, 1990-1994. Includes house rentals, warehouse rentals and office rentals

35. re: requisitions, 1991, 1993

36. Secretary-General’s Office, 1990

37. Seena Machaba (Regional Treasurer) and Lwanga and Co. Building contractors Ltd, 1991,1993

38. Tenancy agreements, 1991-1994. Includes renewal/extensions, terminations and relocations

39. With Thenjiwe Mtintso, re: water and Telkom bills and keys for her house, n.d., 1989-1990

40. Treasurer-General’s Office, n.d., 1990-1993.

41. Treasurer-General’s Office, re: problems facing ANC mission to Uganda (socio-economic), 1990-1992

42. Trevor Abrahams (Associate Secretary for Africa) and Victoria Mwaka (World University Service-Uganda), re: review of WUS scholarship in Uganda, 1990 May 7

43. U.N High Commissioner for Refugees, 1992-1994

44. Vehicles (Department of Traffic – Uganda), n.d., 1989-1992. Includes applications to register for motor vehicle, application for a new motor vehicle, application for a permit to drive motor vehicle, accidents report forms, accidents reports, motor vehicle third party insurance policy

45. World University Service re: enquiry about WUS scholarship forms (empty forms), n.d.,

46. World University Service, student data sheet, n.d., 1991-1992

47. World University Service (WUS) and various schools/colleges, 1990-1992



Series II – Financial Documents

Box 4

1. Average monthly expenditures, 1990 Jul-Dec. Includes January month

2. Average monthly expenditures, 1991 Jan-Dec. October month is missing

3 Average monthly expenditures, 1992 Jan-December. May-June is missing, October – November is missing

4. Budget for the ANC mission in Uganda, 1992-1993

5. Budget estimates for construction, n.d., 1990

6. Daily expenditures, 1989

7. Daily expenditures, 1989 Nov. – 1990 March

8. Daily expenditures, 1989 Nov – 1990 February, 1991 Dec-1992 Feb



Box 5

9. Daily expenditures, 1990 Oct-1991 Nov.

10. Daily expenditures, 1992 Nov.-1993 Sep.

11. Daily expenditures, 1994 Feb.-Jun

12. Department of Education, financial expenditures, 1991, 1993-1994

13. Financial reports (World University Service), 1990-1991 Includes budget

14. Dr. Hugo Nkabinde Training Centre, monthly financial allocations, 1989-1991

15. Journal, daily expenditures, 1992 April – October



Box 6

16. Logistic supply, 1991 Dec – 1993 July

17. Medical bills, list of ANC patients treated at Nyando Clinic, 1992 Jan-December. May-June months are missing

18. Monthly financial statements, n.d, 1989-1990, 1992-1993

19. Morris Sabelo Centre, financial statements, n.d., 1989-1991

20. Proposed budget for Uganda region, 1992 July – 1993 June

21. Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), financial statements, 1989-1991

22. World University Service, student ledger, 1990/1991, 1991/1992



Series III – Reports

Box 7

1. Administration report, 1991 March – May

2. Amandla group tour, 1991

3. ANC asserts in Uganda, n.d., 1990-1991

4. ANC Logistic Department, 32 Kawempe Camp, consignment, 1991-1994

5. re: deficit of 9 cartons of p/milk, report by Sgt Byaruhanga, 1990 July 13

6. Department of Education, report book, 1990

7. Department of Education, Kampala, Uganda, n.d., 1991, 1993

8. Education programme report for 1989-1990

9. Forms to be completed by ANC tenants issued by Uganda Revenue Authority

10. List of students, 1990-1991. Includes academic year, 1991, Ordinary (“O”) level examination candidates, Advance (“A”) examination candidates, vocational training, general list, list of books for both levels

11. Medical bills, list of ANC patients treated at Banda Clinic, 1993 July-December, 1994 January-April

12. Medical bills, list of ANC patients treated at Nyondo Clinic, 1990-1991. Includes incomplete list (lots of months are missing in both years



Box 8

13. Regional Treasury budget, n.d., 1988

14. Report and evaluation of property on Plot No. 5 Katali Rise, Naguru Hills, Kampala (Uganda), [1991]

15. Report on cde Chris Hani march, 1993 April 25

16 A report on repairs to be carried out on Plot 3330 Kyadondo Block 244 Muyenga, Kampala, 1994

17. Report on round table meeting held at South African Extension Unit office, Dar-es Salaam, 1991 February 12

18. South African Extension Unit, “A”(Advanced) Level students, 1992

19. South African Extension Unit, list of students completed “O” (Ordinary) Level, 1992

20. South African Extension Unit, intermediate students, 1992

21. South African Extension Unit, list of completed students, 1992

22. South African Extension Unit, MTAC student sheets, 1992

23. South African Extension Unit, student’s registration forms (surnames, A-L), n.d



Box 9

24. South African Extension Unit, student’s registration forms (surnames, MA – MT), 1992

25. South African Extension Unit, student’s registration forms (surnames, N-Z), n.d

26. Styles Mabuya’s notebook, Department of Education, 1991-1992

27. Summary and historical background to Ugandan SAN caseload, 1990 December 06

28.Summary notes on the visit to Kampala, 1992 March 3-6

29. Summary of world University Service (WUS) scholarship programme in Uganda, n.d.

30. 30th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe, 16th December 1961-1991

31. Treasury report, Uganda region, n.d., 1990-1991

32. World University Service, South African and Namibia Programme, programme budget, financial management and reporting guidelines, n.d.

Series IV – Statements/Minutes



Box 10


1. Agreement between Pepe Kalle and Empire Bakuba Band and ANC, 1991

2. Agreement made between ANC (vendor) and Kisozi House (purchaser). 1991 July 2

3. Lease agreement between Abby Kafumbe Mukasa/George William Kawooya/Eseza Kironde (landlords and landlady) and Thenjiwe Mtintso of ANC, 1989-1990

4. Lease agreement between Afri-Developers Limited (Landlord) and A. Masondo (tenant) for ANC, 1991 October 10

5. Lease agreement between ANC (lessee) and various lessors/landlords, 1991,1994

6. Lease agreement between J and C Busulwa (Landlord) and Temba Dlamini for World University Service (as a tenant), 1989 June 15

7. Lease agreement between M.K. Kiwanuka (leaser) and Landplan Consultants Limited (lessee), 1990 August 7

8. Lease agreement between Mckenzie Ogweng/J.S.E Kayondo Bagenda and Andile Dzanga of ANC, 1993 June

9. Memorandum of an agreement between Uganda Posts and Telecommunication Corporation and Eseza K. Kironde, 1989 August 30

10. Sales agreements, 1990-1992

11. The statement of Chief Representative to the ANC establishment on the occasion of his introduction and 8th January 1991, the 79th Anniversary of ANC.


12. Minutes of the meeting with Mrs. Johansson and Lasson of Pratisk Solidariteit (Emmaus Bjorka), [1991]

13. Meeting with Civil Aviation Authority Director of Personnel, Captain Kitta, Kirunda and ANC representative, n.d.

14. Staff meetings, 1989-1990, 1992. Includes follow-up meeting between ANC mission in Uganda and Office of Treasurer-General (Ishmael Coovadia)

15. World University Service (WUS), executive staff and ANC meeting, 1991 March 18